This 5000-year Old Technique Will Cleanse Your Colon And Relieve Pressure

The pressure point between the belly button and the pubic bone is called Sea of Energy. It is believed that by pressing this point, you can trigger healing process of health conditions caused by indigestion and weakened immunity. In the Chinese acupressure medicine, this is the most powerful pressure point, also known as Sacral Chakra. As we know, chakras are energy nodes, or pressure points, located throughout the body. When stimulated with acupuncture needles or fingers, they trigger energy flow. If you pressure the Sea of Energy, you can strengthen the immune, digestive, as well as the reproductive system, which will relieve abdominal and menstrual pain, help with gas and constipation and ease irritable bowel syndrome.

How to apply the pressure?

Place your ring finger, middle finger and forefinger on the line below the belly button and gently apply a pressure until you feel a tiny spot. Press this firm spot, while breathing deeply. This way you will stimulate the Sea of Energy. You can do this while you sit, stand or lie down, with your feet and back flat on the floor. Another benefit of applying pressure on this point is increased intimacy with your partner and pleasure during sexual intercourse. Regular practice of this ancient technique can help people suffering from dependency and self-abuse, because it returns their emotional stability to normal.